Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Angel

I took a deep breath and held it for a couple of days after I read this challenge at Scrap-It-Lah. This is a challenge blog that's been on my radar for a few months now and I've been meaning to get around to actually doing one of the challenges. And I though that June would be the month. But when I read the current challenge I silently second-guessed myself because this was going to be quite difficult for me.

So the challenge is to make a monochrome WHITE layout.
I didn't even know where to start!

In the end I've just gone for butterflies galore!!! Not sure that was the best option, or that it turned out as I expected or wanted. But I can say that I've met the challenge criteria :-)

The first photo (at the top of this post) is in it's true colours, and hopefully you can see I've used a few different shades of white cardstock from various sources. I also painted the base cardstock with a silvery shimmery glaze but unfortunately it's not visible in the photos. It's a pity because it adds a delightful dimension and fits perfectly with this 'angelic' layout.

I tried to make up for the lack of colour by packing it with texture instead. I ran all the bigger butterflies through the Cuttlebug and then added some metal butterflies, clear buttons, pearls, rhinestones and brads.

It's entirely possible I went too far :-)

But if you're looking for a different colour prompt, why not try my very own Jolly June Yellow Challenge? Four different prizes on offer!


  1. I Think it looks Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I love the butterflies and I see so much texture!!! i think you did exquisite!!!! love it!

  2. Breathtaking. Seriously! All the texture- and I can totally imagine the shine.... Way to work outside of your comfort zone!!! :)

  3. Too far?? I think it's PERFECT!!!!! Love it to bits :-)

  4. What a beautiful layout! I can see that you have painstakingly punched and embossed the butterflies and it has added so much dimension and texture to your layout. Thanks for supporting Scrap-It-LAh and please do not hesitate to join in our challenges in the future.


  5. No, no, not too far. These butterflies go beyond being pretty and truly represent what angels are like. And grouped together like that, wow, it just takes my breath away. So very beautiful. Love the texture, love the dimension, love the White.

  6. This is absolutely stunning! I amazed by the embossing - beautiful!!

  7. I saw this at scrap-it-lah..beautifull :)

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love all the butterflies and all the different textures and patterns.
    Thanks for playing along at Scrap-It-Lah!!


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