Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How beadyful

How Beadyful is the etsy shop you needed to pick something from to inspire you this week at Etsy Inspired Challenges. Given they've got over 250 things for sale, the scope is vast!

I ended up choosing these pretty little button earrings as my inspiration piece.

And made a wedding card that's been on my 'to do' list for a week or more.

I used another one of my Christmas papers for the background (can't tell can you?!) by Little Yellow Bicycle, and cut the butterflies from a Making Memories glitter paper. It's so pretty.

It was too hard to cut the butterfly antennae from the paper so I ended up making my own decorative pins. I've got plenty of brand name pins, but they were all a little big for what I wanted. So here's what I did.......

I gathered all my supplies, which was simply all my pretty beads, some ordinary pins and Dimensional Magic (or another fast drying strong clear glue).

(sorry for the fuzzy picture)
The easiest way I found to assemble it was to choose what beads you want and thread them all onto the pin first. Then put a small dollop of glue at the head of the pin and slide the first bead up into it. If you've got more than one bead like I do in the picture above then add another drop of glue under the first bead and slide the second bead up and so on. Use the smallest amount of glue possible so it's not dripping all over the place :-)

And there you have it. Your own set of unique and customisable decorative pins. Very easy.


  1. Sigh. Oh these are beautiful. Your pins. And they look even more spectacular on your card. Such a pretty card, I love your layouts and I love your cards.

  2. beautiful card - just love those butterflies.
    Great minds must think alike I just posted a tut on my website for decorative pins too :) Yours are too cute!

  3. I've been so meaning to try this out- you may have given me the push I needed! These are genious! And they look SO LOVELY on your beautiful wedding card!!! (I do adore glittery paper!)

  4. I LOVE your wedding card! I may have to try your idea!

  5. GORGEOUS! And so beautiful!

    Thanks for playing EtsyInspired this week!

  6. Okay, so it seems I missed a lot ... I haven't been gone from your blog for that long I thought LOL!!! You must be getting tired by now of all of my comments arriving on the same day, but I can't help it, I just have to say something with every post I see LOL. Looooove the card, and thank you so much for showing us how to make those beautiful pins! I'll have to try that one time, thanks for sharing.

    xxx Peggy

  7. Thank you! I love this idea.

  8. Oh I love these! How easy & pretty!


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