Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Enjoy Today

You might recall how last year I took a monthly photo of my girls, and did a corresponding layout for each of them (I've still got just one outstanding page left to go actually..... thanks for the reminder). It started as a way of documenting Moodles growth and development from a newborn to a 1-year-old. You can see the summary post here.

So this year to make it a little different, but to still keep the same concept running I'm going to do a monthly photo and layout of our whole family. This is of course, the first one - the January shoot.

I figured this was also a good way of getting me in front of the camera more too - because I don't do that very often hey? But the main problem then is getting us all in the same spot, and having someone else take the photo! I'm sure there might be months where we have to resort to the self-timer :-)

On the product front, I used this as an opportunity to get rid of put to good use some of my many journalling spots by layering them all up behind the photo. Apart from the Sassafras month ticket, all the others are from American Craft's Just Write packet.

And I found that I've got a tonne of rub-ons in my collection and I rarely seem to use them. So I set out to resolve a small portion of that dilemma on here too. What products are you hoarding but never use?

My "Choose Your Own Giveaway" is still open here.


  1. I just love the stacked elements - just really makes the picture POP! Fantastic job!

  2. Such a lovely layout and a wonderful way of capturing the whole family as the kids grow.

  3. gorgeous natalie... i just love all the layering behind your photo... x

  4. Great idea and family portrait.

  5. Just stunning! I love it...the photo is really well placed and its such a cute one too!


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