Monday, March 28, 2011

I've got a feeling

Despite the fact that I'm married to an IT geek who will happily spend hours playing computer games, he's never been one for console games. Apart from an old Xbox we bought from my brother when he needed cash, we've not had any of the newer gadgets.

But finally we caved decided we better get with the times and bought a Wii for Christmas. Not as a present to the girls you understand, after all they're only 1 and 4, but as our present to each other. Yep, I'm sure you can guess whose idea that was!!

But of course, like all computer-savvy kids these days Munchy quickly picked up how to use it. And not only use it, but use it to beat her Daddy at the Wii sports games! This photo captures her at her proudest - the day she thoroughly whipped The Man at Wii bowling and scored a new record at the same time!!

The photo was so bright and happy that it really needed some bold colours if I was going to scrap it. Luckily the February Studio Calico kit was filled with lots of candy-coloured papers, and with a lot of mixing and matching from past kits and new SC goodies (check out those days of the week rub-ons) this page quickly fell together. 

I've been loving a bit of 'block-scrapping' lately haven't I? Sometimes I only notice my own trends when I see all my pages posted one after the other on my blog! Maybe it's because currently I only get little tidbits of time to scrap, which means I can just attack one square of the page at a time. What scrapping trend do you find yourself following at the moment?

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  1. Great job to your girl! Lovely layout too, of course.

  2. Love this page Natalie - love the blocks of pattern (that is one of my favorite kits you used there!)
    Isn't amazing how fast the littles figure out the computer gaming stuff? Mine are very into it and know way more than I ever will!

  3. A very sweet page. So beautiful and soft and gracefully put together.Love the colour blocks. And that gorgeous photo just says it all, doesn't!


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