Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

I'm a big fan of using recycled products in my scrapbooking but more commonly I upcycle things that would otherwise get thrown away. My husband once said to me (as I was discussing my latest paper purchases with him...... silly mistake) "what happened to using scraps in your scrapbooking?"

I double-think anything that is going in the recycling bin. And by far the most useful things are the ones we so easily throw away all the time........ food packaging! As in the cardboard variety. I'm forever harvesting the cardboard from cereal boxes and the like. And what do I use it for? Mainly as the base for my mini-albums. Once it's covered in paint or paper no one can tell!

I'm in the process of making this one. But I've finished the covers at least, and covered all the pages and stuck in the photos. I just have to add the rest of the journalling and embellishments etc.

And yes, all the pages are made from food packaging cardboard.

Managed to incorporate a tiny little mini banner across the title :) They still make me happy. So does my typewritten journalling. Very much in love with the typewriter at the moment <3

And another good thing about making this mini is that it has successfully used up nearly every last scrap of my Studio Calico and Cosmo Cricket Material Girl papers. That's a good thing because I haven't wasted any, but more than that........ surely it means I'm justified in going shopping again right?!

The rest will follow.

Just as soon as I've finished it.



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