Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Week in the Life - Thursday

So much going on today - I tried to capture most of it.

This is what helps me crawl out of bed in the morning, at least I mean, the thought of this helps me get out of bed. It's two very lively little girls that wake me up every morning. But once I get them both fed and settled I can sit down with my (homemade bread) toast, a cup of coffee and my blog browsing. Love it.

So while I'm doing that Munchy is usually curled up on the couch watching cartoons. Today it was a Barbie DVD.
I also had the postman ring my doorbell this morning (which I love, even though sometimes I'm still in my pajamas) because it means the delivery of some scrappy packages - yay!! Today it was a load of October Afternoon yuminess. It made me very happy.

Out of nowhere she said "can we make cupcakes today?" which actually sounded like a good idea once I remembered that we had Home Group at our house tonight (it's usually at our house since we lead it and all!)
Shortly after this photo one of my friends came around so we could work on her resume before a job interview she had this afternoon. So I put the cupcake-making on pause.

Except, while I was busy with that, I hear Munchy in the kitchen 'making' the cupcakes herself. She decided to simply through everything in the bowl all at once and just stir it up.
I explained it didn't quite work that way.
But at least she had all the right ingredients in all the right quantities for cupcakes so I figured it couldn't turn out all that badly.

And apparently they weren't too bad after all.
They certainly looked pretty enough once Munchy had sprinkled them with butterflies.

 After that, I went on a cleaning rampage through our house. Vacuumed, mopped, steam-cleaned, washed, scrubbed..... you name it, I did it. Knowing that a whole bunch of people are coming over to spend the night at your house is a big motivator to my cleanliness :)
And lucky for me, Moodle slept through most of it.

Most of the time Munchy can be quite shy, but once she feels comfortable then she's quite the entertainer. Here she is singing a song for everyone at Home Group and playing along on her piano.

And me.
Thoroughly exhausted by it all, but enjoying the feel of my freshly cleaned carpet :)


  1. Loving these little snippets of your life :-) Thanks for sharing!!


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