Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Week in the Life - Tuesday

The Man is on a bit of a bread-making kick at the moment. We don't have any store bought bread in the house (unless you count the mountains of English muffins in our freezer - but that's another story), and he's trying to perfect his bread recipe.
He sets the bread maker on a timer so that it cooks overnight and is ready when we wake up in the morning. I must admit, at least when I wake up at odd hours of the night for The Moodle fussing it's nice to smell freshly baked bread :)

Tuesday is Munchy's day at child-care, which she absolutely adores. And even though I'm still a full time stay-at-home mum we've kept her in care because she loves playing and socialising with her friends there so I think it's good for her in some ways (and good for my sanity too!)
She usually eats breakfast there, but today The Man was running very late (alarm was still on silent so he slept through it) so she ate it at home.

The Moodle had her grumpy-pants on for most of the day.
She gets frustrated at the things she wants to do but doesn't yet have the ability to do. Like here where she really wants to put all of the giraffe in her mouth at once. And for whatever reason, today she chose not to sleep properly, or eat properly, and spend a lot of time screaming instead.

So with all that going on, do you think it was ok of me to declare that this morning's bed-hair was socially acceptable enough to wear just as it was? And not put on any make-up?


  1. You look perfect without any makeup and bed hair, angelic, and wow that bread looks divine.

  2. that's funny, because when The Man saw I had taken a photo of the bread he said "but you didn't even capture it's good side!"
    And even funnier - when I went to pick up Munchy from day care (much later in the day when I could have only looked worse) I actually got a compliment about my hair from her carer :)
    Maybe I should do less more often?!


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