Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's time for some Fried Green Tomatoes

That's what we're cooking up over at From Screen 2 Scrap this month!
Your challenge, should you choose to accept it (and I urge you to do just that!!) is to take the movie poster for Friend Green Tomatoes and use it as your inspiration to base your creation upon.

There are a bunch of great prizes on offer, including a random prize draw, so come on - what are you waiting for?

Oh yeah..... the details :)
You must scrap about an important woman in your life. With mother's day just around the corner, many of the DT girls scrapped about their mum's. But of course, you could choose to scrap about a grandmother, a sister, a close friend, someone who inspires you, whoever! 

And who did I chose? Well, I actually scrapped about myself. I know, how conceited does that sound?! But I think too often as mothers, as wives, or just as scrapbookers in general we tend to focus on everyone else, and can forget to record the important things about ourselves. I know I don't have too many scrapbook pages about me, but I have ALBUMS filled with pages about my beautiful kids! But in the future when those kids are looking though the albums and remembering all the moments I'm sure (at least I hope) they're going to want a little bit of insight into me too :)

So I made the journalling the focus of my page, and just wrote and wrote and wrote whatever came into my head. With no advance plan on what I was going to write, it just quickly flowed. I actually hoped I could fit more on, but I ran out of room! (you can click on the image for a closer view if you would like to read any of it)

And oh yeah, there is additional optional criteria if you want to play along too. 
1) Have a green title - 1 pt
2) Use Green and Red as 'feature' colors on your layout - 2pts
3) Have a tomato on your page - 3pts (can be a teeney weeney one!) 

So I didn't quite make a tomato fit on my page. But I used the row of tomatoes from the movie poster as my inspiration for the row of circle embellishments across the top of my photo. And I got the other two criteria covered :)

So a simple layout from me for this month. But a meaningful one.

Can you believe I actually did this month's challenge twice though! On purpose!
I've never done that before. I don't usually have 'practice' runs at my DT submissions. I just go for it.
Unfortunately what happened when I just 'went for it' was that I didn't double-check the criteria and so I ended up putting a red title on my page instead of a green one. Now I know it's only optional so it wasn't the end of the world. But when I realised that my layout wasn't really conveying the message I wanted combined with the fact that I had only met one of the optional criteria I just thought "oh why not, I'll do another one!" So that's what I did.

I will still share that layout with you.
Another day :)

Right now though, go over to From Screen 2 Scrap and check out all the other gorgeous and inspirational layouts from the Design Team. I'm hoping to see some lovely entries from some of my blog followers this month. Leave me a comment if you enter. And if you are entering for the first time, don't forget to tell Shazza I sent you!!


  1. Great challenge!! Would love to get this one done!!!

  2. Great LO Natalie! I loved reading the journaling. Thanks for reminding me to start focusing on my journaling some more again. I'll try entering the challenge this month, it looks like a fun one.
    xxx Peggy

  3. This layout is AWESOME!! I think it's one of the most gorgeous layouts I've seen in a long time - the way you did your journaling is just jaw dropping!!

    Thanks for sharing, girl!!!


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