Sunday, April 25, 2010

No photos??!

The current challenge at BASB is to "put those photos away" meaning to do a layout without using any photos. On first impressions this seems like a difficult task - I mean, the reason we scrapbook is to preserve the photo in a pretty way right? But on deeper contemplation, I think the reason why many of us scrapbook is actually to preserve the memory (among other things).
And as far as page design goes, it's easy to scrapbook without a photo if you replace it with something of a similar size.

So I took a collection of little drawings No.1 Girl did and use them instead of photos - easy peasy. I already have a 8.5 x 11 inch album dedicated to keeping her art in, so now I've just made a more formal layout out of it instead. This is a double spread - which is another first for me in this size.

I used the same washable markers that she drew her drawing with to create the background. I can show you how if anyone is interested?

Oh, and I think these kites might become my new go-to embellishment instead of (or more likely, as well as) the current bunting obsession :)

Scroll down to my last post if you're checking for the winner of the April blog candy.


  1. I love no photo layouts! This is an idea I haven't thought of...weird of me, lol! Thanks for some inspiration...I will diggin through some saved stuff tonight!

  2. This is gorgeous Natalie. I too saved some of my children's art work, and I've been thinking of a way to display them ... this would work great! Thanks for the inspiration. Btw, I love those kites ... would it be too much trouble to show how you made them???
    xxx Peggy

  3. This is just gorgeous Nat, I love this idea, might have to borrow the design if it is okay with you, Nate does so many pics for me and they are on the fridge, but how many pics can a poor fridge hold.

  4. how wonderful!!! i love how you showcased your daughter's artwork for the challenge. thanks for playing along!!


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