Monday, March 1, 2010

Dear Alisa

I think you should call your boat Melville.

I know boats are supposed to have girl names, but here's my thought process.......
I was thinking Jonah and the whale, Moby Dick, adventures on the high seas etc etc. Jonah and Moby seemed a bit too obvious as names, so I chose Melville, as in Herman Melville the author of Moby Dick. And my reason is this - he didn't let that giant whale win! The boat overcame all obstacles.

Sincerely yours,

Go here and not only find out the reason I currently sound a little loopy, but get some major inspiration at the same time. Seriously do it! You will not be disappointed.

ETA - yes, so it may be obvious to some of you that I have never read Moby Dick because I just did my research and discovered that in fact, the whale did win in the end. Hhhhmmm, may need to call the boat Moby after all (well, you can't call it Dick can you?!)


  1. this is the cutest response EVER!! I love it!!

  2. Yeah, except I just realised I've never read Moby Dick and upon closer inspection of the plot, the whale actually wins, not the boat!


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