Friday, March 5, 2010

Flowers on Friday

How about some rolled and twisted and scrunched paper flowers today?

1. Gather Supplies

You need: paper of choice, scissors, glue, circle punch and water spray.

2. Cut parts

Punch a circle the size you want your final flower to be, or bigger because you can always trim it at the end. And cut strips of paper. No measuring, it doesn't matter!
Spray your strips with a bit of water. Not too much or they tend to rip (unless you like the very distressed look - which isn't a bad thing), but I find if the paper is a bit soft it's easier for the next step.

3. Roll

Roll your strips longways. It's probably easier if you do all of them together instead of as you go.

Roll your strips as tight as you think you want them. They'll end up looking a bit scrunched at this stage if you're anything like me.

4. Twirl

Cover your punched circle with glue and then start twirling your first strip into a snail.

5. Assemble

Glue the first one in the middle of your circle, and then simply keep on adding more of your strips around and around until you've got the size you want.

6. Finish

I finished off by kinda smooshing and flattening this one down, but you can leave it puffy too like the flowers in my layout below. And on this one I've also sprayed it with some pink Glimmermist to cover up all the bits of white paper showing. You won't have this problem if you use double sided paper. You could also distress it or ink it depending on what you like.

I made these ones for my layout out of some old Basic Grey, and made them 3 different sizes for some variety. I did some other fun things on this like using my Glimmermist over some doilies as a mask, adding the paper ruffle around the edges, and making the 'splat' behind the bird.
The title looks a bit odd because it was a rub on that didn't work. You know how sometimes when you're not careful, or the rub on has been damaged how it leaves bits on the backing sheet? Well that's what happened here. But I was determined to still use it because it fit my layout perfectly, so I left it alone, cut around it and simply glued it on instead! Couldn't quite fix up the irregularities in it though which was a bit disappointing. Oh well.

Feel free to ask any questions. And let me know if you make these, I'd love to see.


  1. Wow these are awesome, thanks for the tute, going to give these gorgeous creations a go.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oooh cool tut!! I'll be trying this out. Great post!

  4. I love your flowers. And the layout is just amazing. What a great photo.


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