Thursday, March 4, 2010

Making art out of art

Making layouts from your kids paintings? Yeah, why not?

Totally simple, and totally just for fun.

You can click on the picture to get an enlarged view so you can read the journaling if you're interested.

I've had so much good news lately, between winning a couple of competitions (some based on skill, some based on random 'luck') and having some more upcoming publications that I've decided to share the love and pay it forward. That's right, there'll be another giveaway coming along very shortly. I hope to have it put together and up by mid next week. I'm away all long weekend so I don't expect to even be home until Tuesday. I'm posting this not as a teaser, but more as a reminder to myself and a commitment!

I'll leave you with some home deco love....

Yep, that's right. Those little beauties are stuck on my wall! I started by putting them up in the living room one night while my husband was out at a church production (which caused him some surprise when he stumbled in after midnight to find what he described as some freaky looking birdcage on the wall). So they soon got moved to our bedroom, which is still doubling as a nursery at the moment so it fits nicely I think.


  1. Firstly the layout is gorgeous, I love it when art from kids is done on backgrounds, I did one of Nate 12 months ago with his hands, and the birds on the wall look divine, I had to laugh as I thought of the sight your husband saw as he walked in after midnight. Love Melxx

  2. ooh those are so pretty. I love those decals. I keep looking at them on Etsy. Very cool. Great layout too!! :)


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