Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who would have thought?

That after all the time it took to make a 12 page mini-album, that you could be bothered making a box to house it in? But look how cute this turned out to be and you might change your mind (like I had to!)

I modified the original design a bit as I'm prone to do - it seems I can't read a set of instructions and stick to them when it comes to these projects :) So I put a little "door handle" on mine and threaded some beads on a ribbon to tie around it to hold it all together. Leila's design didn't have this, but I think it adds just a little something extra.

See the Sassafrass trim down the side of the front cover, how it's got that blue edge to it? Well that's how it came - I didn't have to do anything to that except cut and paste. But then to imitate this effect and coordinate the rest of the papers I added Turquoise Blue glimmermist to all the edges of my other papers and around the album itself. I just dipped a brush into the pot and painted it on instead of spraying.

And on the inside is this groovy shadow-box - into which slips your album! How cool is that!
I used my KI Memories lace cardstock again for this, whereas Leila used one of those Basic Grey doily papers. But it gives the same effect. And the whole thing is quite sturdy too, I don't feel like it's going to collapse or fall apart. Which is a good thing since Girl No.1 is so chuffed with her album she's been carrying it around with her for the past day. I've seen her drop it at least 3 times! Have to keep reminding myself it's only paper, it's not a piece of art :) Better to see her get joy out of it than having it stuck on the top shelf!


  1. This is just gorgeous, wow, I love it, I could not even contemplate the work in this. Very clever lady.

  2. This is so, so cute! Love it! That lace cardstock on the inside is so cool!

  3. This looks so good!!! I'll have to try this myself, thanks for the tip and the link to Leila's blog, I browsed through it ... so much inspiration to be found there!
    xxx Peggy


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