Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm gaining an appreciation

for minis.

This is a new idea for me - liking the idea of putting together a mini-album. There once was a time in the not too distant past where wanting to do a mini was unheard of! But since I just gained the courage to participate in the "One Week, One Project" at Lilibee Studios I've found out it doesn't have to be a long and arduous task. In fact, it can be quick and easy really when you break it down. And that's what Leila does. She posts instructions on her blog daily guiding you through steps to putting together a bright and colourful and fun mini-album. (She designs for Sassafras Lass so how can it be anything else!).

This is the album I made for her "One Week, One Project. Number 2". She has just started the 3rd project this week if you want to play along. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be giving it a go again. If not for any other reason than to be able to scrap a whole bunch of photos, because lets face it, who doesn't get tons of photos printed off with the idea of scrapping them, and then never getting around to all of them? Me for one!

And of course, you don't have to follow her instructions precisely - I took them more as a guide and a starting point. For a start, she made a pouch and had individual 'pages' that you pulled out (which is a great idea I think - I just didn't understand that's what she was doing until after I made the cover. So I just made mine into a traditional album).

Of course, I have heaps of photos of when No.2 girl was born and I've scrapped quite a few of them. But I think there's probably only so many 12x12 pages you should make of the one event, even one as special as a new baby. Plus, I'm forever taking new photos of her as she's growing and I'll never be able to catch up if I limit myself to pages.

I've pretty much cheated on all the embellishments in this album. All of them are either punches, or letter stickers, and the 'titles' are cut from a piece of KI Memories lace cardstock.

Some of the pages are patterned papers (Sass Lass of course!) while others are merely painted.

Leila had done all of her photos in a polaroid style, so I took that as inspiration and matted all my photos on coloured cardstock, making it longer at the bottom just like a polaroid.

And of course, I added lots of journaling to mine whereas Leila just had plain photos, but had recipes on the back of them.

Yes, my one and only embellishment where I had to really make something. But it's only because of my current obsession with bunting!

Thanks for following me on this long journey.
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  1. Just gorgeous!!! I love how you have made it simple, but it really packs a punch!! What a lovely keepsake :-)

  2. Oh Nat it is awesome gorgeous
    love love it!!


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