Friday, March 19, 2010

Flowers on Friday

Today is a simple one - but looks really effective!
Learn how I turned this piece of retro lovliness (Cosmo Cricket Nutmeg collection, Clove paper)

Into these dimensional flowers

Easy peasy! And I got to play with my iTop tool that I told you about here. So much fun :)

1. Cut up your paper.

I know how hard it is sometimes to bring your scissors up to the nice untouched, perfectly smooth and oh-so-lovely goodness that is a piece of Cosmo Cricket paper. You feel like you are going to destroy it in some way. Resist that thought and remind yourself that unless you are going to frame it like artwork (which is not a bad idea) it's only a piece of paper!

So I cut out around every line of the pattern. And each shape made a different part of the flower as shown in the diagram above. Then arrange them to your liking.

2. Add dimension

By first bending each petal lengthways,

And then bend the tips down.

3. Glue

I then glued down the petal arrangement on a scrap piece of paper.

Once it was dried I cut around the base of it so you can't see the scrap paper anymore, but it keeps the flower in one piece. Then simply layer on the diamond shape for the flower centres and the brads to top it all off.

And here is the finished product on the layout I created with them.

Did you notice that the red woodgrain paper is actually the b-side of this same piece of paper, I carefully planned all my cutting so this would remain intact!

This paper made it easy to cut and assemble flowers from the shapes in the pattern. So take a second look at some of the patterns you've got in your stash and see if you can turn them into something more. Alternatively, it's so easy to cut your own petal shapes from any paper you've got, you probably don't even need a template - just pick up your scissors and start cutting!!!

Let me know if you create something like this, I would love to see :)

And don't forget the current giveaway is here. Only a few more days left before I draw a winner.


  1. You know already I love this LO Natalie, just genius how you made those flowers and the whole page just turned out wonderful!
    xxx Peggy

  2. This is so pretty! Love those flowers!!! I'm going to have to try some soon! But, now off to work!


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