Thursday, March 11, 2010

I will stay sane

is what I keep repeating to myself as No.2 girl denies the need for sleep and embraces the art of screaming instead.

So many ways I could end this sentence. Currently its 'want to pull out my hair with frustration'.
But isn't it amazing how the minute this happens....

everything is instantly ok again?

On the home front, I did this for a bit of fun, colour and whimsy.

When No.1 girl saw it she said "thank you for putting two smiles on the door - now we need to add teeth" So she added the streamer to the door handle. Not quite sure that's the teeth, I think she just wanted to contribute.

And tomorrow I'll show you how I made this....

Because today is no longer the way I planned it this morning!
Love to you all my faithful blog readers.


  1. Oh every Mother can relate Nat!!
    cannot wait to see how you made that gorgeous mmobile from the light

  2. Can you believe your DD saw two smiles in that garland, it is just beautiful. My little boy is 3 and doesn't think he needs to go down for a afternoon nap anymore, but by 4.30pm falls asleep and if you wake him for tea he turns into a monster so I deeply sympathise with the sleeping.


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