Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I love achieving scrappy firsts don't you?
I just had the honour of having one of my scrap ideas lifted by none other than a Scrapbooking Memories Creative Team Member! Of course, I'm talking about the talented Leeann Pearce.

Remember this layout I shared here not that long ago?

Sorry, it's now......

But here's a sneak.....

Well look how Leeann interpreted the banner idea and included it on her very own awesome layout....

Brilliant! Another thing you should know about Leeann's layouts is that they quite often feature her very own chipboard designs and other embellishments which you can purchase from her Etsy here, including those super cute birdcages.

Given all the inspiration Leeann has given me (seriously check out her blog and you'll see what I mean) it's one very small return of the favour I achieved.


  1. LOVE that Lee lifted your page!!! I just ordered some of her chippies... can't WAIT to play!!!

  2. Wow love them, gorgeous work, so much inspiration.

  3. Oh Nat.. I was not expecting you to do that.... thanks... and just so you know you happen to inspired alot of scrappers out there... you have awesome ideas and awesome creations...and i love to visit when i can... so thanks for all the loving... and thanks for letting me lift that banner ... i did say i was going to!!! lol enjoy the rest of your week...leeann xx


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