Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mail from Montana

This afternoon No.1 Girl asked me 'did you get any packages with treats in them today?' Remember how I mentioned in my last post how she much she loves the mailman. I have been home all day apart from 20mins when I myself had to go to the post office to send some happy mail. So I said "No, no packages today".

So she decided to go out the front door and check anyway. And she came rushing back in "there is a package out there, and it's so pretty mummy. Can I go out and get it?"

Next she's begging me "can I open it mummy? please?"

"Look mummy - pretty cards" She got just as excited over the business card and 'just for you' card as she did over it's real contents.

She started reading the magazine straight away. She was pointing at every page saying "we could make that, it's easy." (It's not)

So thank you Maize for this lovely package. I (we) was so happy to receive it. I'm going to try and resist temptation by devouring it all now, because I want to take it with me on our Easter trip.

Hurray for surprise mail <3


  1. My little boy loves receiving mail from Bob our mail delivery man too. And he says PLEEEESE can I open too.

  2. OMG what a gorgeous story and photos to match - aren't our little ones adorable (at times)


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