Thursday, March 25, 2010

Studio Time

I'm loving me some Studio Calico right now.

I've been longing after them forever! But of course, they're American and I haven't found any of the Australian shops that stock them. Then I found Your Scrapbook Stash, who not only have great discounts all the time, and unbelievable international shipping rates, but they're so friendly too. Both times I ordered from them I got little treats in my box!
So now I've managed to get my hands on a great selection of Studio Calico products from both their older line 'Home Front' and their new one 'Anthology' as well as stamps. And then I made like 3 or 4 projects in a row with them. A couple I'll show you now, and others that may have to wait :)

Some hand-made flower goodness.
I wasn't going to bother doing a Flowers on Friday tutorial with these spiral flowers because I figure by now everyone knows how to make them - they're so popular at the moment. But feel free to let me know if I'm wrong.

I made those leaves too, cut out of an old cereal box all painted up. I do believe in putting the 'scrap' into scrapbooking (I also believe in pretty product!!)

I thought the background papers laid out like this reminded me of like some vintage wallpaper, and then the old style wooden veneer walls behind them, with a bit of a trim.

And I made this one too, witch includes the 'Months of the Year' stamps.

You may have noticed the photos in both of these layouts are from the same shoot. And if you're really really observant you may have noticed these same style photos in layouts I've shared here and here and here. It's part of my scrapping plan this year to scrap a photo of my girls each month in the same pose so that you can look back at the end of the year and see how much they've grown. And of course, with my love of journaling, I also keep notes of things that have happened, or things they have said or done that correspond to that month so I can include that too. But of course, I always feel like I'm scrapping a month behind by the time I get around to it! Maybe next month I'll show you a bit of a composite so you can see the progress!


  1. I am going to check out that site for the studio calico, I love it too but can not find it, thanks for that, also I just love the flowers and leaves you made and was super happy for the tutorial. That is such a great idea with the photos of your children, they grow so fast and everyone loves looking at then and now photos.

  2. These are both great- and I do love those flowers! And painting up the cereal box for leaves is wonderful! It's the best (& most affordable) chipboard!!
    I took pics of my little one every month in the same spot for her first year- I'm sooooo imipressed you're already srapping your photos!!

  3. Hi, Natalie! Beautiful work! Great re-use of a cereal box, too. ;)

    Thanks for letting me know you were inspired by my layout - that is always wonderful to hear!


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